Message Of Patron-In-Chief

Primary schools enrollments are dismally low; dropout rates are very high due to the lack of missing facilities in schools. Pakistan has one of the lowest literacy rates even in the South Asian region. Public sector health facilities at all levels of the health administration of the country are not delivering efficient services. Basic Health Units (BHU) and Rural Health Centers suffer from lack of equipment’s, trained staff, medicines and poor supervision. Therefore, a large part of the rural population remains without reasonable health care. Pakistan has also one of the highest infant and mother mortality rates due to not only the lack of proper health services but also lack of clean drinking water, sanitation infrastructure and health & hygiene awareness. Children in their formative age fall into child labor and beggary.
Philanthropist, Civil Society Institutions, donors and concerned communities must come forward to reciprocate these endeavors, to help manage local resources for making a change. Al-Maqsood Trust (AT) will continue play its supportive role to poor and needy communities and government efforts for sustainable development and quality education.

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