Aims & Objectives

  1. To preach the teaching of Islam and to different occasions by holding WAS and by holding Electronic Media, etc.
  2. To undertake publications of Magazines, Pamphlets, Electronic Media & Internet etc. for the awareness.
  3. To establish Schools, Colleges, Universities, Mosques, Dar-ul-Ulooms and Libraries etc. for imparting Islamic, formal and non-formal Education.
  4. To arrange the paid employees for the institutions running by the Trust.
  5. To acquire, properties by Lawful means for the expansion, uplift and progress of the said Trust.
  6. To acquire, receive, accept and manage charity funds, Donations and Gifts or any other means and to utilize them for fathering and prompting the Aims and objects of the said Trust.
  7. To do all or any other lawful act the achievement of the above Aims and Objects.
  8. To Arrange Medical Camp in Urban & Rural areas where disaster affected.
  9. To Arrange Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation activities in disaster affected areas.
  10. To Establish Elders Home, Orphanage Home & Dar-ul-Aman.
  11. To Establish Community Schools in rural and remote areas
  12. To Install Hand Pumps in arid zone areas where there is shortage of drinking water.
  13. To Construct Water supply schemes (Rain Water Storage Ponds, Well, Rain Water Harvesting Tanks) for poor, disadvantage and venerable community.
  14. To start poverty reduction program for poor widows through goat farming, Making Handicrafts and kitchen gardening at house hold level.
  15. To start program of Scholarship for poor and Orphanage students.
  16. Cooperate with national and international development organizations for poverty reduction and sustainable development through education.
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